Research Focus Areas

Energy Efficiency and Intelligent Infrastructure

This area includes research in smart energy infrastructures, and use of the LEED-certified UC Merced campus as a living laboratory.

Thermal Science

This research area investigates improved efficiency and reduced emissions of internal combustion engines and novel cooling and refrigeration cycles.


Research in this area involves enhanced solar cells and quantum dot solar energy concentrators for photovoltaic energy conversion.

Power Transmission

Research in this area focuses on the problem associated with any kind of energy generation, including the non-carbon-based sources as well as the conventional carbon-based energy sources: the transmission and distribution of power from the power plant to the urban areas where the power is consumed.


The focus area of optoelectronics deals with the design and implementation of devices that exploit interactions between photons and semiconducting materials to interconvert seamlessly between optical and electrical energy.


The sustainable design of bioenergy systems will require a multi-disciplinary approach that can integrate these diverse influences. UCMERI faculty are using analytical tools to assess the performance of a wide range of biofuel resources at regional and global scales.