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World Renowned Physicist Nicola Cabibbo Presents at UCMERI/Dan David Solar Symposium

September 26, 2008

Amid concerns about rising gas prices and the growing need for environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels, the University of California, Merced, hosted a solar symposium, "Solar Energy: Today and Tomorrow," on Friday, Sept. 26, 2008.
The symposium, jointly sponsored by the UC Merced Energy Research Institute (UCMERI) and the Dan David Foundation, was designed to promote public knowledge regarding present and future solar energy technologies, and to examine the current state of the solar energy industry.
Nicola Cabibbo, Italian physicist, professor at La Sapienza University of Rome, and president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, presented the keynote address. He provided insight into how solar technology is being implemented in Europe and describe how advances in solar technology can help to shape the global energy discussion.