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Becoming a sponsor

As an industry consortium-supported research institute, UCMERI is modeled after a number of successful collaborative research institutes at the UC and most major research universities. What makes UCMERI special is the opportunity it creates to establish a major, cross-disciplinary, UC-aligned research institute focused on renewable energy technology, energy efficiency, energy education, and global energy policy.
UCMERI already has a Talented group of faculty from the schools of Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. This group will expand over time as UCMERI grows in stature and significance. That growth will be driven, in large part, by dedicated industry Sponsors who support the initiative through their annual dues, benefit from its inventions and knowledge creation, and encourage its scientists and educators.

Sponsor Eligibility and Benefits

All corporations with demonstrated development expertise in UCMERI research areas, and with legal standing in the U.S., are eligible to become UCMERI Sponsors.
UCMERI Sponsors receive numerous benefits, including:
a.  The opportunity to influence the research topics of UCMERI through representation on the UCMERI Industry Advisory Board (IAB).
b.  The right to use, subject to California’s valid copyright and patent rights, all reports, data, and information made available by UCMERI.
c.  Advance access to UCMERI reports and draft publications for gaining early knowledge of new developments prior to their wide dissemination.
d. Enhanced interactions with UCMERI faculty, students, and post-graduate researchers.
e.  The opportunity to attend one or more research review meetings scheduled during each membership year.
f.  The opportunity to send, with separate agreement and fees, a Visiting Industry Fellow to UCMERI for in-residence research, sponsored and advised by a specific UCMERI researcher. Note: All Visiting Industry Fellows are subject to the intellectual property policies of the University of California, as are all formal employees of the University of California.
g.  The opportunity to sponsor and fund separate projects with UCMERI-affiliated researchers.
h. Recognition as a valued Sponsor by the inclusion of the Sponsor’s name and, where appropriate, corporate logo on the UCMERI web page, in announcements, and in other appropriate outreach activities.
i.  Sponsor may indicate, through their public relations activities or other appropriate means, that they are a UCMERI Sponsor.
UCMERI utilizes a tiered sponsorship model based on corporate revenues, as follows:
Revenue Annual UCMERI Membership Fees
<$10M $5k per annum
$10M-$100M $10k per annum
$100M-$1B $20k per annum
>$1B $30k per annum

All UCMERI Sponsors receive the same set of benefits, and all Sponsors are required to sign a UCMERI Participation Agreement. To view this agreement click here.